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Growing up in Kellyville, Oklahoma, James Robert Webb admits that there must be something in the musical waters around the state. Three of his biggest musical heroes all come from his home state.


“I would say that Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, and Toby Keith would be the three that I grew up listening to,” Webb recalls. “I didn’t have any vocal training or sing with a group.  I was just always a musician in the band.” As far as newer performers, he adds that he’s a “big fan of Lee Brice and Cole Swindell.” Webb says when it comes to what affects him most about a song, he has a few basic rules of thumb. “It has to be about the melody and the chord progression. That’s where it has to start with me.”

Webb feels he has exactly those types of songs on his newest release, Pictures. “I’m really happy with how the record turned out and really wanted to take people on a journey through all my influences,” he said. Indeed, James Robert Webb is all over the musical map with influences from Steely Dan to Kacey Musgraves.

“I took piano lessons for a year or two when I was little, but once I started to learn, I played by ear more than I read music. I was in band and played saxophone, and then gravitated toward drums.” James Robert got his first guitar – a gift from his father – when he was fourteen.  In high school, his talents earned him distinction as an all-state jazz piano player.

Throw in his love of the stage and entertaining fans, and James Robert Webb is ready, willing, and able to hit the spotlight. “I love connecting with people live, even stripping his performances down to just a guitar and him.  “I want people to connect with the song but also make sure they are having a great time.”

Fans are definitely loving with his most recent radio single, “Makin’ Love Tonight.” Written by Daniel Kleindienst and Mike Brandon, the song touched a nerve with him – and he feels that it will with others. “If you’ve been married or in a relationship, you can relate – why would we want to fight when we could be makin’ love tonight?”  The song is rocketing up the charts, making its Music Row chart debut at 77 after only 4 weeks with 22 stations and 3 Billboard Indicator stations, after only 4 weeks.

With his devoted fan base growing steadily, James Robert Webb is focused on his career goals – taking it all one day at a time. “I’m very blessed, and very happy. I know firsthand how music can change lives and win hearts.  I want the music I make to stand the test of time.” With Pictures, it appears James Robert Webb has done just that.

Come to a place where they boot scoot,

cut a rug, they even do the jitterbug…