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At the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville recording "Now We're Gettin' Somewhere"

At the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville recording "Now We're Gettin' Somewhere"

25 Years In the Making…

If you had told me last year that I would be working with Buddy Cannon on my next project, I wouldn't have believed you.  Buddy is a legend.  Not only is he an amazing songwriter, he has produced two of my heroes, Willie Nelson and Kenny Chesney over the last few decades.  For an independent artist like me, it's a dream come true.

As soon as I got the call, I had a feeling that he was going to have one of 'those' magic songs tucked away in a drawer just waiting for the right artist.  A great song passed over by other artists.  Little did I know how true that would be.

Written during the heyday of 90s country by three hit writers, "Now We're Gettin' Somewhere" comes from a rich musical heritage. Shawn Camp (Two Pina Coladas), Taylor Dunn (Seein' My Father In Me), and Wynn Varble (I'm A Little More Country Than That) have crafted hit after hit.  Buddy said that he had played this song for everyone he'd worked with over the years--Kenny, Jamey Johnson, Randy Rogers.  I'm thankful that it wasn't right for them because it feels like the perfect James Robert Webb song. 

I immediately fell in love with this song, the first time I heard it.  It grabbed me because it sounded like a classic early George Jones song.  I think anyone who has felt first date jitters can relate to the lyrics.  We've all been on this date where it's awkward and then--BOOM!  The sparks fly. 

"Now We're Gettin' Somewhere" is a great country song. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it!